PackExpo 2014

PackExpo 2014

PackExpo 2014

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Only PACK EXPO focuses on processing and packaging solutions while at the same time introducing you to technologies and ideas from all different industries. It’s the one place you can discover innovations you didn’t know existed and truly see what is possible.

When you need to meet efficiency targets, launch a new product, automate or streamline your operations, start by exploring PACK EXPO International 2014.

Who Attends?

Decision makers from a broad range of industries come to PACK EXPO International for the opportunity to talk shop with vendors and “think outside the plant.”

Corporate managers, engineers, sales managers, plant managers, manufacturers and production supervisors, brand and marketing managers, quality controllers, purchasers, research/development and package designers from across the U.S. and around the world find value in learning where their companies stand on the technology curve and how they can provide flexible options for their customers.

With virtually every vertical industry represented—all types of foods and beverages, chemical/household, converting, volume printing, toys/games, electronics, private labels and many more are all here—there’s no better place to get ideas and unlock a breakthrough solution for your business. 

5 Reasons Attending PACK EXPO International is ESSENTIAL to your success.

  1. EFFICIENCY – Where else can you compare practically every processing and packaging solution out there—from 1,800+ suppliers—all in one place?
  2. ENERGY – There’s nothing like watching processing and packaging innovations in action, holding materials and containers in your hands and examining equipment side by side.
  3. EDGE – Staying competitive means walking the same show floor your competitors are walking, latching on to the latest trends, and getting strategies that work from industry experts.
  4. EXCITEMENT – Witness the unveiling of breakthrough technologies, see what new robots can do, try your hand at the latest in automation, get ideas from engineers in other industries.
  5. ENGAGEMENT – You’ll get the face time you need to problem-solve on the spot and build strong business partnerships with suppliers. Watch Video

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