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Vertical transport systems with low purchase and maintenance costs


Qimarox introduces extra powerful lift for pallets up to 2,000 kg at Modex 2016

Qimarox has extended its range of material handling components with the Prorunner mk10, a product lift for pallets up to 2,000 kg. The Prorunner mk10 allows companies to transport up to sixty pallets per hour, ten metres upwards. Qimarox will talk about this product lift at LogiMAT, the popular international trade fair, taking place in Stuttgart, from 8 to 10 March, 2016. The theme of the fair is very much in line with the philosophy of Qimarox: ‘being innovative – shaping change’.

More information? Come visit our stand at MODEX in Atlanta, April 4 - 7.

For the supply chain, MODEX is where it happens. It’s where people with buying power come together to find the equipment, software and systems they need and where professionals go to build community and learn with their peers. If you supply the supply chain, you need to be at MODEX.

Qimarox can be found at the MODEX at booth #2469.


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This year, Modex is responding to the ever-changing market, which requires flexible and innovative logistics processes. To survive these days, companies need to continuously monitor and optimise their processes. The trick is to choose exactly those products and systems that offer your organisation the most added value from the overwhelming range on offer today.

Qimarox is responding to this trend with its modular, standardised components for material handling systems. These components excel in versatility and flexibility and are easy to integrate into any system by local system integrators. Thanks to the continuous development of the components, Qimarox has managed to reduce the cost of purchase, installation, integration, use and maintenance to a minimum.

Pallets up to 2,000 kg

An example is the Qimarox Prorunner mk10, which is based on the design of the successful Prorunner mk9 pallet lift. The most important difference is that the new Prorunner mk10 features four instead of two columns, which allows this very robust lift to effortlessly lift loads of up to 2,000kg.

The Prorunner mk10 can easily bridge any difference in height between 0.40 and 10 metres. Even at a height difference of 10 metres, the lift can still easily transport sixty pallets per hour with ease. The Prorunner mk10 is equipped with a lifting platform of 1200 x 1200 mm as standard, so that it can handle not only euro pallets, but also product carriers of different sizes such as block pallets.


The Prorunner mk5 is literally and figuratively the highlight of the fair. This elegant product lift works according to the time-honoured paternoster principle, which results in a versatile vertical transport system with a capacity of 2,000 products per hour.  Because a single elevator system can be used for both upward and downward product flows, the Prorunner mk5 is ideal for vertical sorting, or as a component in storage and order picking systems.

 The standard model of this maintenance friendly and sophisticated product elevator is available for the fixed price of only €6,950, including infeed and outfeed conveyors.

Packaging systems

Besides product and pallet lifts, Qimarox also develops and supplies components for packaging systems. The Highrunner mk7 is an innovative palletiser, which is capable of quickly and efficiently processing products of different shapes and sizes into stable pallets. Qimarox also supplies standardised, modular components for wrapping pallets in foil. New in this range is a machine for wrapping pallets in stretch wraps.

 All components are installed, integrated and maintained by trained system partners, so you are assured of a local specialist who speaks your language and may already be familiar with your organisation and processes.



Manufacturing and supply chain professionals come to MODEX looking for your solutions – ways to make their supply chain faster, more reliable and more efficient. More than 800 of the top material handling, logistics and supply chain providers will fill 250,000 square feet of the Georgia World Congress Center at MODEX to demonstrate their equipment and system solutions in a face-to-face environment.

Buyers and professionals in all areas of manufacturing and the supply chain also come to MODEX to learn and network – to sharpen their skills and get ahead of the curve. The MODEX Supply Chain Conference provides industry-leading networking and educational opportunities, one-of-a-kind keynotes and more than 100 educational seminars to help them evaluate and implement the solutions they find on the show floor.


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