CeMat South America

CeMat South America

CeMat South America

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    • Od: 19-03-2013
    • Do: 22-02-2013
  • Gdzie

    • Imigrantes Convention and ExhibitionCenter
    • Sao Paulo
    • Brazil
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    • Boot nb.: A76

CeMAT SOUTH AMERICA is the venue where the most recent technology trends in materials handling and logistics meet, that is, it is the ideal meeting place for decision-makers from several industries: automotive, aeronautics, food and supply, civil construction, medical equipment, energy production and supply, chemicals and pharmaceutical, timber, furniture, mechanics, mining, maritime, oil and gas, petrochemicals, steel, textile and clothing, tractors and agricultural implements, and others.

The event will cover the following areas:

Mechanical Handling

  • Cranes, Crane Accessories, Lifting Equipment
  • Serial Lifting Equipment, Lifting Platforms
  • Continuous Mechanical Handling Equipment, Monorail Transporters, and Accessories
  • Industrial Trucks, Lift Trucks, and Accessories
  • Automated Transportation Systems, Storage and Retrieval Equipment for Shelves and Racks, Manual Handling Equipment
  • Elevators, Stairs,MobilePavements, Cable-Guided Vehicles
  • Mechanical Handling Accessories

Storage Technology

  • Storage Systems, Racks, Shelves, and Technology Systems
  • Manufacturing Plant Equipment, Workshop Equipment
  • Pallets and Boxes
  • Industrial Doors and Gates
  • Cleaning Systems for Warehouses and Storage Facilities
  • Storage Accessories
  • Dock Levelers
  • Loading Ramps, Platforms and Bridges
  • Load, Bulk Materials, Containers, and Mixed Load Equipment

Stock Pickers and Packaging Equipment

  • Packaging Equipment for Warehouses and Ground-Level Storage
  • Weighing and Measuring Devices
  • Packaging Selection and Collection Systems

Complete Systems for Materials Handling Technologies and Logistic Storage Technology

  • Transportation Complete Systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Robots and Handling Systems

Materials Handling and Logistics – Systems and Software

  • Computerized Systems and Materials Flow, Logistics, and Materials Handling Control Systems
  • Identification Technology, Self-ID Systems, Logistics and Materials Handling Sensors
  • Materials Handling and Logistics Application and Solutions Software
  • Logistics and Materials Handling Specific Solutions Branch

Materials Handling and Logistics for Outsourced Services

  • Logistics and Materials Handling Services Control and Management
  • Logistics and Materials Handling Services
  • Interconnection and Individualized Systems for Logistic Services
  • E-Logistic Services
  • Project Consulting, Planning, Funding and Management
  • Maintenance Services
  • Printing Companies and Publications
  • Associations

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